"Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls" is a 12-episode anime adaptation of the light novel series with the same name. The anime was produced by ARMS and aired on Chiba TV and other networks from October 2010 to December 2010.


No. Title Romaji/Kanji Title Original air date
Episode 01 (Samurai Girls) "The First Kiss"

"Hajimete no Chū"


September 4, 2010 (pre-release)

October 3, 2010 (TV)

Episode 02 (Samurai Girls) "Naked Body Reincarnation"

"Ratai Tenshō"


October 10, 2010
Episode 03 (Samurai Girls) "The Identity of the Master Samurai"

"Masutā Samurai no Shōtai"


October 17, 2010
Episode 04 (Samurai Girls) "Hey, Give me a Kiss!"

"Nee, Chū Shite yo?"


October 24, 2010
Episode 05 (Samurai Girls) "Here Comes the Warrior of Love!"

"Ai no Senshi, Tōjō"


October 31, 2010
Episode 06 (Samurai Girls) "The Sea Monster Attacks"

"Osoi Kuru, Umi no Kaibutsu"


November 7, 2010
Episode 07 (Samurai Girls) "The Shadow Over Great Japan"

"Dai Nippon o Ōu Kage"


November 14, 2010
Episode 08 (Samurai Girls) "The Slave of the Kiss"

"Chū no Dorei"


November 21, 2010
Episode 09 (Samurai Girls) "The Return of the General"

"Jeneraru no Kikan"


November 28, 2010
Episode 10 (Samurai Girls) "The Prison of the Evil Eye"

"Magan no Rōgoku"


December 5, 2010
Episode 11 (Samurai Girls) "The Samurai from France"

"Furansu kara Kita Samurai"


December 12, 2010
Episode 12 (Samurai Girls) "The Goodbye Kiss"

"Sayonara no Chū"


December 19, 2010

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