Sasuke 1
Master Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Yukimura
Hair Color Blonde

Sasuke is Yukimura's pet monkey and one of Muneakira's Master Samurai. 


When she isn't in her Master Samurai form, Sasuke looks like a normal monkey, with the exception of a small blue scarf worn around her neck.


In human form, she has long blonde hair and is partially covered in fur.


Sasuke usually acts very playful. She is very fond of Jubei, as she can speak Monkey. Despite her rivalry with Kanetsugu, she is shown to care deeply for Kanetsugu to the point of sacrificing her own life to protect Kanetsugu.


She gains the ability to become human when she accidentally kisses Muneakira and becomes his Fourth Master Samurai

What's unique about Sasuke is that she can change into her master samurai form at will, although she changes back into a monkey when she is tired.

Normal Form:Edit

As a monkey, she possesses all of the physical abilities common to her species.  However, she also appears to have human-level intelligence as well.

Master Samurai Form:Edit



  • Sasuke is the only non-human Master Samurai.

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