Inshun Hozoin
Inshun 0
Gender Female
Inshun Hozoin is one of the Dark Samurai.


A loli-type character with blue hair and fair skin who wears a black top over a white shirt, shorts, black boots and red gloves.


Although Inshun may seem reserved, she has been shown to have a very kind girl.


Inshun usually wields a spear in battle. She also has a circular shield, which she usually wears on her back.

She often uses black crows and can seemingly talk to them.



  • The flaw she possesses from her imperfect resurrection is that she can't speak.
    • She always wears a black machine on her throat which is actually what speaks for her.
      • She herself has always been pretending to talk normally.
  • Her nickname is "Inko-chan" which was given to her by Jubei.

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